Become a Contractor

Are you a freelance or a consulting engineering/information technology professional who wants to become an independent contractor?

There are many advantages, gained experiences, flexibility, and freedom that comes with being an independent contractor and taking on a variety of projects.

If you are interested:

Upload your CV to or
Fill in the form below and one of our project consultants will assist you with registering your business with us.

For Contractors, if selected for an opportunity, we will require you to have the following information:

  1. Your business is to have been incorporated
  2. You have a registered HST number
  3. You have or can obtain General Liability, Errors & Omission Insurance, and Workers Compensation Insurance
  4. You have the ability to invoice on a 30-day cycle
  5. Be able to present a Digital Portfolio or resume outlining your past project experience

If you require more information, please refer to these links:

Business Registration and Harmonized Sales Tax
LMS Prolink-General Liability (GL) and Errors & Omission Insurance
Worker Compensation Insurance-Ontario
Workers Compensation Insurance-Quebec