About Us

Our Approach

We aim to develop a working partnership with each of our clients. “A working partnership” is not a hollow phrase to us, and this is clearly reflected in our commitment to delivering exceptional recruitment and HR solutions.

For Clients

We develop an understanding of:

  • Your operations and resourcing needs
  • Your technology and system requirements
  • Your business or project goals
  • Your unique culture

Once we have a full understanding of your requirements, we find a suitable permanent employee or independent contractor/s who are culturally aligned and have the technical abilities to fulfill your business or project objectives. As well as selecting suitable candidates, Huntel Global also offers a comprehensive suite of background information services and checks to meet your due diligence requirements.

For Permanent Placement Candidates

We recognize that the needs of our clients are extremely specialized and have therefore created a large roster of permanent placement candidates with a diverse variety of skills. In addition, we conduct web-based searches for candidate profiles utilizing the best job boards available, or from our proprietary database of pre-screened candidates. Huntel Global’s research team is dedicated to identifying, screening, testing, and preparing candidates prior to presenting them to a client. We work with our candidates to ensure that their career objectives are matched to suitable opportunities and organizations.

For Independent Contractors

Huntel Global is keenly aware of the entrepreneurial spirit of IT and Engineering professionals. In many cases, top talent in the IT and Engineering sectors have opted to start their own contracting businesses providing them the flexibility to hand pick various projects. Huntel Global offers IT and Engineering Contracting solutions to assist our clients in fulfilling their short-term project needs through our specialized and highly sought after contractors. We also provide value added services for Independent Contractors who are looking for rewarding projects.